The Romania Business Atlas is a first of its kind project realized by ZF, a catalog that presents in images the development of Romania's regions, the areas that have benefited from investments, but also the way in which the lack of investments affects people's lives.

Ziarul Financiar has collected 40 business maps for the first edition of the catalog The Business Atlas of Romania.

Among them, in the real estate sector, the map of the most important developments of One United Properties visually marks the benefits that the developer has brought to the community in the northern part of Bucharest through the green buildings in its residential, office, and mixed-use innovative concepts. At the same time, Beatrice Dumitrașcu, CEO Residential Division, discusses in a comprehensive interview about real estate sustainability.

"Sustainability in real estate is no longer an aspiration, but a practice", says Beatrice Dumitrascu, noting that for One United Properties sustainability has been a priority since the first developments, due to the advantages brought by green buildings, as well as the desire to incorporate responsible consumption and production.