Marius Călin, chief architect at X Architecture & Engineering, spoke to Capital magazine about urban regeneration, the art of living, architectural vision and high-end projects.

“Even if it does not look like, architecture is always transformative, hence the difficulty of stabilizing its mobility through a firm construction. If we put forward the concept of a "perfect house," we should recognize and seek its future adaptability against the tempting, but transgressing sense of the stated purpose”, the well-known architect beautifully states.

The award-winning, innovative, design-oriented and full services leading architectural designer has also mentioned his most important on-going projects:

“We have several buildings in various construction phases, such as One Herastrau Plaza and One Mircea Eliade / future One Floreasca City. The multifunctional project that we build in Floreasca is the first real estate development in the last 30 years integrating vertical housing, offices, and commerce. I recently completed the One Herastrau Park complex. We want every building in our portfolio to encourage hurried inhabitants to live their city today.”

The full interview can be found in the February issue of Capital magazine.

About Marius Călin – Mr. Călin’s built architectural expertise is based on the comprehensive understanding and his international track record from master planning, various large and representative building programs –residential, commercial, offices, hospitality and other program types in the United States, Romania, and Asia – Taiwan & Shanghai. His dedicated, global full-service organization is the best and reliable local and international choice for a variety of complex architectural projects in Romania.

About X Architecture & Engineering – As an innovative architectural organization, X Architecture and Engineering has been recognized as one of the major architectural firms in Romania. Integrated architectural practice, smart design through responsible decision-making and business and technology management are interwoven in our operational model and buildings.

  • Over 300,000 SQM of housing and mixed-use developments under construction in Bucharest on five different large sites.
  • Consisting of tall and very tall buildings – another 160,000 SQM on the boards or in pre-construction stage.
  • Offices and corporate headquarters
  • Multi-store residential, commercial
  • Retail and hospitality, high-end residential
  • Large scheme of mixed-use development to fully integrate the site and complex programs
  • LEEDS and BREEAM project certification has been part of the firm’s practice