Invited to take part in the Urban re:Fresh conference organized by, Marius Călin (X Architecture & Engineering) spoke about the dilemma in which our cities - and especially the Romanian capital - are caught between the developers' agenda and that of the municipality.

"In recent decades, there has been a sudden shift from the system of the communist era, focused on the construction of blocks, to one where the spaces between buildings are essential. However, we still lack an understanding, a vision in this sense",

says Marius Călin.

He also emphasized the fact that we lack a planning model and better involvement in the entire urban construction process:

"It is fascinating that we are in a bind. It's a search for integration, I think there are a number of aspects of stubbornness, of indecision, from all sides. We lack a planning model - not an absolute one, but a system of interventions - the need to be able to understand the function of the urban planner, the landscape designer. They are fairly sketchy or sideways operations in the market.”

Regarding the multifunctional developments that have already become a landmark in One United Properties portfolio, Marius Călin emphasized that the developer's vision included the understanding of inter-relationships.

„If you put one building next to another, it results in spaces between. And those spaces between are actually the ones that energize the respective area, the respective development. Mixed constructions are basically those that oppose those cut-outs that were before – industrial platforms, residential areas, circulation system, and commercial complexes. The earlier period was not necessarily characterized by vision. If some of these mixed-use, large-scale developments had taken place before 2008, surely now, 15 years after, we would be in a completely and utterly different situation. I think that in the coming period what is worth seeing is how the presence of this semi-public space evolves in these developments, a space between and for buildings, a previously neglected space."

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