Mihai Păduroiu, CEO Office Division One United Properties, discussed the Romanian office market, during a Profit News TV debate.

During the discussion, he highlighted the fact that large cities in Romania remained attractive to multinational companies. This is an extremely good sign for the local real estate because it attests to the maturity of the Romanian office market. There is now an increasing emphasis on modern offices, certified at the highest level and with facilities all around.

"The demand, even during the pandemic, showed that although people worked predominantly from home, companies did not give up their long-term strategy. They understood that the pandemic was just an episode and acted as such. For example, at the group level, we rented over 70,000 square meters of office space during the two years of the pandemic. There was a contraction during 2020, due to the shock of the beginning of the pandemic, but the demand remained healthy",

pointed out Mihai Păduroiu.

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