Forbes CEE Forum is the only annual regional event organized in Romania since 2014, which brings together publishers from the Forbes network of CEE and EMEA, as well as international leaders and personalities from the political, financial, and business world everywhere. International leaders in the political, financial, and business fields took part on September 22 in the debates of the FORBES CEE FORUM 2021 - REIMAGINING LEADERSHIP: ARE WE THERE YET?

Mihai Păduroiu, CEO Office Division One United Properties, spoke about the office sector in the current context, emphasizing that the office market is fundamentally transforming, both in our country and worldwide.

"Offices have become a priority in the company's strategy to prepare for the return of employees. The impact was quite strong because all transactions and all decisions regarding the office sector were postponed. But as companies understood the impact of the health crisis, they began to rethink new strategies so they could continue to work and secure this culture that is essential. I noticed that for the future, companies put more emphasis on the quality of the office, an aspect that had taken a secondary place. Now quality matters a lot. Companies have understood how important the work environment is, how important the location of the building is, as well as the certifications. They understand that they can no longer call employees to a building without certification, because they are reluctant, at least from a health point of view."

Regarding the evolution of the segment, Mihai Păduroiu underlined that 2021 brought an increased demand compared to last year, but also a maturity among the companies regarding the new reality and the adaptation to it.

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