Mihai Păduroiu was present at ZF Offices and Residential Conference held in Bucharest on September 22 and expressed his trust regarding the evolution of the local office market, considering that there is demand from companies for renting office space.

"I would like to see a greater appetite from developers. We have five locations where we work and we have important demands, the need for such spaces exists. The offer should also continue to be competitive. Now many of the developers have slowed down or stopped projects. What is delivered this year will definitely be rented until Q1 / 2022, hence we will have in the future a rather poor offer period",

said the CEO of the Office Division of One United Properties.

Although there has been a significant impact on this segment, the pandemic has also brought some changes that can be good in the long run.

"The office market since the beginning of the pandemic has undergone a transformation that is not necessarily negative. There is a contraction in demand in response to the initial impact of the health crisis, but there are also many positive changes. The companies analyse much better the location, the technical specifications, the quality of the building, essential things for bringing the employees back to the office in the safest possible conditions. There is a change in the activity profile and the employee profile. The number of square meters per workstation has increased substantially, but at the same time, many companies have a hybrid work schedule, which means that the traffic and density in the office have decreased ",

says Mihai Păduroiu.

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