New trends are making their way on the office market, and the most popular at the moment is the hub and spoke concept.

Mihai Păduroiu, CEO Office Division One United Properties, explains for Forbes Romania the trends in the field.

”The hub and spoke concept is based on a core office around which a network of satellite offices is developed, either on their own or in co-working locations, a structure that allows employees to work from multiple locations in the city or even in the country, significantly reducing risks and shuttle time.”

Păduroiu also predicts that in the long run mixed developments with multiple facilities for employees will be favoured.

”The next step will be the strategy of working near home, and in this sense, we do not believe that there will be very large, consolidated offices, but we will return to a network of offices developed in various areas of the city or even nationally. Co-working spaces will gain a greater share in the new real estate developments, and flexibility is a must."

More details in the latest Forbes Romania issue.

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