The company's shares started trading on the Main Market of Bucharest Stock Exchange, under the symbol ONE, on July 12th.

  • The initial public offer (IPO) took place between June 22nd and July 2nd, and the company raised RON 260 million (EUR 52.8 million) from active investors in the capital market. The funds will support One United Properties' development strategy.

  • One United Properties becomes the third largest Romanian entrepreneurial company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and enters the top 10 listed companies, according to the IPO market capitalisation.

One United Properties S.A., one of the leading green developers of residential, mixed-use, and office real estate in Bucharest, Romania, has officially entered the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The company's shares began trading on the Main Market, under ONE symbol. The moment was marked by the official opening of the trading session at the Bucharest Stock Exchange headquarters.

"We enter a new chapter for our company, after a great IPO which we successfully completed with remarkable results and with the confirmation of the investors’ trust in our future plans. We thank them one more time. Over the years, we have developed a dynamic and transparent relationship with local and international investors, who have confirmed the potential that our company has in the Romanian real estate industry. We now mark a new beginning for One United Properties on the capital market, a new step that honours us and, at the same time, makes us continue the efficient development of the company. Our goal is to further deliver results, but also to be a liquid issuer and remain open to new investors as well. The Bucharest Stock Exchange has proven to be an excellent financing support for local companies. We believe in the potential of our capital market, and we want to take the opportunities of the listing in order to accelerate the Group's strategy investments in sustainable premium developments in exclusive areas of Bucharest and other regions",

said Victor Căpitanu, co-founder of One United Properties.

"We operate in an industry where excellence is achieved through determination, precision, principles. Our approach is based on a new vision on the idea of living, on emblematic and sustainable real estate concepts integrating the latest technologies and an exceptional interior design, with a focus on quality, but also on cultural elements, and this helped us grow fast but organically and keep up with international trends. One United Properties still has a lot to say on the Romanian real estate market and our intention is to continue to innovate and develop sustainable concepts. We have a solid team of professionals in the field that is able to further continue the company’s development plans, and the market is indeed attractive and has a high potential",

added Andrei Diaconescu, co-founder of One United Properties.

”The success of the IPO and One United Properties listing shows us once again the capital market growth potential and the capacity of the stock exchange to support Romanian entrepreneurial companies. Today, One team begins a new chapter in the development of the company, a journey that has been remarkable so far. We are glad that One chose the stock exchange and the investors from the capital market to finance itself, after an IPO that brought in the company RON 260mn. Every amount of money invested by the institutional or retail investors is like a confidence vote in your team, in your plans, in One strategy. Respect it and continue to build! Welcome to the listed companies’ community!”,

said Radu Hanga, Bucharest Stock Exchange President.

”The dynamics of the stock market in the last period, both in the equity and bonds segment, bring not only financing to the companies that choose to come to the stock exchange. This dynamic translates, in the long run, into more transparency for the entire business environment, but also into more stock market investors. Through these 13 companies that have been listed since the beginning of the year, with a cumulative capitalization of EUR 911.6mn, Bucharest Stock Exchange has significantly expanded its representation. We are confident that the presence of One United Properties on the stock exchange will open the investors' appetite for new transactions and will encourage other Romanian entrepreneurs to finance themselves through the capital market”,

said Adrian Tănase, Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO.

One United Properties successfully carried out the first primary initial public offering (IPO) in the last seven years through which the company has issued new shares for the capital increase. The funds attracted following the offer, of approximately RON 260mn (EUR 52.8 million), will support the development strategy of One United Properties. The shares were sold at a price of RON 2 per share. The anticipated market capitalization amounts to RON 2.86bn (EUR 580 million). One United Properties thus becomes the third largest Romanian entrepreneurial company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and enters the top 10 listed companies, according to the anticipated market capitalization.

The IPO was carried out between June 22nd and July 2nd and was oversubscribed in both tranches, for institutional and retail investors. Investors proved a considerable interest in the company from the first day of subscription when the retail segment with allocation guaranteed was subscribed within the first 40 seconds. The IPO and the listing were assisted by BRK Financial Group (through Răzvan Raț, Deputy General Manager), while Swiss Capital (through Bogdan Juravle, General Manager) was part of the distribution group. Filip & Company (through Alexandru Bîrsan, partner, and Olga Niță, partner) was the legal advisor for the public offering and listing.

"Today, we, the consultants, end the road that brings One United Properties to the capital market. But the story of One as a listed issuer is just beginning. It is an excellent time for the stock market, which today adds a dynamic sector leader and is thus actively pursuing the transformation of its market. One is also an eminently entrepreneurial company, with founders and a management team that fit in perfectly with the capital market and who will certainly continue to identify the opportunities it offers, in addition to those created by the real estate market. I am happy that I was able to contribute to this beginning, I thank them for their trust, and I can't wait to see how One United Properties will continue to grow ",

said Alexandru Bîrsan, Partner Filip & Company.

"As we have all seen, One United Properties has attracted huge interest from both institutional and retail investors. For the latter, the guaranteed allocation tranche was subscribed in less than 40 seconds after the opening, and the pro-rata allocation tranche was subscribed more than 9 times, provided that the retailer was allocated a very generous 37% share of the entire offer. I hope I'm not wrong, but this is the first IPO in which retail investors receive more than a third of the offer. Basically, the premises are created for ONE to become a Blue Chip type share. This listing is the culmination of an intensive collaboration that we conducted with One United Properties team, both in terms of drafting the prospectus and in terms of meetings with institutional investors. I can say that the road shows were very important, and Mr. Căpitanu and Mr. Diaconescu not only convinced the investors but turned some of them into enthusiastic investors in this success story",

mentioned Monica Ivan, General Manager of BRK Financial Group.

Over the years, One United Properties projects have brought a new vision on the idea of living and have become landmark buildings on the Bucharest map. The cultural element, the exceptional interior design, the contemporary architecture, the premium locations, but also the most precise certifications for homes and offices and the latest technologies, are all found in every project developed by One United Properties. Sustainability is in the DNA of the company, which became the first real estate developer in Romania to be awarded internationally in London with the “Best Sustainable Residential Development” Award at the International Property Awards 2019-2020, for One Floreasca City, a landmark mixed-use project in Bucharest.

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All residential projects developed by One United Properties have received the green certification from Romania Green Building Council, while the office projects in the developer's portfolio are certified or in the process of WELL and LEED PLATINUM certification, one of the most demanding certifications regarding a building’s impact on the environment and its performance.
The Group’s strategy aims to maintain the leading position on the market of premium residential and mixed-use real estate projects, to continue the evolution of the office projects, and to invest in sustainable premium development opportunities in exclusive areas of Bucharest, but also in other regions of the country.