Observator Antena 1 reporters recently analysed the hospitality market in Bucharest and its development prospects for the coming years, with the benefits it could bring to tourism in the Romanian capital.

In the context of the recent One United Properties announcement on bringing the well-known international brand Mondrian to Romania, Andrei Diaconescu was invited to Observator set to talk about the importance of such a project for Bucharest. Currently, there is a high demand for luxury hotels in Bucharest. The city is becoming increasingly popular with business travellers and luxury tourists, and there is currently a shortage of high-quality hotel accommodation.

The co-founder of One United Properties stated that Mondrian Bucharest will offer more than 5-star accommodation options, but a true experience right in the heart of the city. The well-known hotel brand proposes an artistic fusion vision, a successful example of how art can be used to create a unique and memorable experience for its guests. In addition, Mondrian Bucharest will include specific Romanian elements, which will surely delight future guests.

Also, excellent location, right in the heart of the city, on a street that offers privacy, is a plus for this new project in One United Properties portfolio. The Mondrian provides a context for socializing so that guests and locals alike can immerse themselves in the unique experience offered by the hotel's services and the city's culture. Such a project requires a significant investment, which is estimated to reach around 50 million euros, and which is currently exceeded only by the restoration of the Ford Hall, with a GDV of 90 million euros.

With the initiative to bring the Mondrian brand to Bucharest, One United Properties makes its debut on the hospitality market and reaffirms its commitment to increase the attractiveness of Bucharest as a European capital. One of the main objectives of the company is to contribute to the transformation of Bucharest into a destination as attractive as possible to live, to visit, to have fun, to spend money in your free time.

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