Victor Căpitanu, co-founder and co-CEO at One United Properties, has recently answered an insightful Q&A hosted by Tradeville, the leader platform in stock trading.

During his interview, Victor Căpitanu emphasized One’s exceptional results for H1 2023. Against the backdrop of a shrinking market, One managed to surpass all expectations with their new apartment sales. While the overall market in Bucharest experienced a 26% decline, One's properties found eager buyers. This remarkable achievement highlights the quality and appeal of One's developments, which continue to attract discerning investors and homebuyers alike.

Another obvious trend is the flight to quality: in today's world, people are paying more attention to where they invest their hard-earned money. One nugget of wisdom that emerged during the interview was the enduring value of real estate as an inflation hedge. In uncertain economic times, properties with exceptional locations become even more coveted. For those seeking investment opportunities, the interview provided valuable insights. One's Co-CEO recommended a balanced portfolio that includes both company stocks and real estate properties. This diversified approach can help investors weather market fluctuations and capitalize on the unique strengths of each asset class.

During the Q&A, Victor Căpitanu made a surprising disclosure about his compensation package. Unlike traditional CEOs who receive fixed salaries, Victor Căpitanu's compensation is linked to the performance of the company (stock option plan) that obliges him to deliver tangible results and enhance the company's market value.

As a conclusion to the interview, the discussion delved into One's unwavering commitment to sustainability and how this dedication can yield long-term value.

The interview can be accessed here.