The latest issue of ELLE Decoration magazine continues the series of articles on urban regeneration with the presentation of a landmark mixed-use development – One Cotroceni Park.

An upgrade not only for an abandoned area, but for the entire Cotroceni district, the development signed by One United Properties is certainly the largest and most ambitious urban regeneration project in today's Bucharest, covering an area of 5.8 hectares.

Bucharest is constantly changing and developing, but what about abandoned buildings? Or land reserves in important areas? How is the connection between the existing and the new established? In today's urban dynamics, one of the challenges of big cities is to remain competitive and relevant through what they offer both functionally, aesthetically and economically.

One Cotroceni Park, a two-phase development project, aims to give the area new looks and vibe by integrating new office and residential buildings, with mixed function inserts, connected to housing and office spaces, meant to serve both owners and customers, as well as to add value to the area and the whole community.