One United Properties' One Cotroceni Park has achieved the pinnacle of success by securing the Excellent Architecture distinction at the German Design Awards 2024.

Beyond being a collection of buildings, the groundbreaking urban regeneration project stands as a beacon of the 'live/work/play' ethos, embodying a holistic ecosystem where professional pursuits, personal havens, and communal engagements seamlessly intertwine.

At the heart of One Cotroceni Park's distinction lies its unwavering commitment to holistic living. The jury's acclaim underscores the project's architectural finesse. The interplay of varied dimensions, coupled with arresting glazing, epitomizes a quest for sophistication and excellence. Thoughtfully designed terraces and open spaces stand as a testament to the dedication to enhancing the human experience within the urban milieu.

The trophy awarded to One Cotroceni Park is not just an accolade; it is a catalyst for inspiration. It signifies more than recognition; it is a call to action, urging others in the architectural and urban planning realms to aspire to innovative, community-centric designs that transcend mere functionality. One Cotroceni Park sets a standard for future urban developments, encouraging a shift toward designs that elevate the human experience within urban landscapes.

This recognition was also covered by Business Review in an extensive material, available here.