The ZF Capital Market 2023 2nd edition conference brought together business specialists who discussed local investment activity, trying to find answers and solutions to the question "how can we bring more companies and more investors to the Bucharest Stock Exchange?".

Managing the investor relations at One United Properties, Zuzanna Kurek took part in the discussion panels and emphasized that for the company capital markets are integrated in the long-term strategy of the company.

"One United Properties is in the top 10 traded companies, but we believe there is more potential and that's why we are proactive and always looking for new markets, we go with Investors' Day to other countries as well. We focus a lot on retail investors, but we also have institutional investors. We are approaching 8,000 investors in total, which is a good number, and we have the potential to grow to over 10,000,"

said Zuzanna Kurek at ZF Capital Market.

Regarding the ideal investor, she mentioned that One United Properties is looking for long-term investors who understand the specifics of the company's business and have confidence in its development plan.

"In terms of the capital market, One is just at the beginning, in the last two years we have raised 110 million euros on the stock market, and now the impact on the portfolio, the speed with which we were developing can be seen. The two founders and majority shareholders are involved in the day-to-day operation of the company, and the confidence they have managed to convey so far is evident. In addition, we are a transparent company and seek the same openness from investors. At the same time, we have a risk-averse policy, a return rate that has always been below 30% - currently it is below 25% - and foreign investors greatly appreciate this concern of ours for risk and stability",

Zuzanna Kurek also said at the conference.