In recent years, sports have become an important activity for more and more children, and team sports not only offer physical benefits but also actively contribute to developing teamwork skills, increasing self-confidence, and adapting to competition and pressure.

The healthy lifestyle supported through sports is among the values promoted by One United Properties, which supports various sports competitions, contributing to increasing the number of children who can access such activities. The company is actively involved in promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting education, being aware of the importance of sports in these aspects.

An example is the International Polo Tournament in Barcelona, where 20 children aged 10 from the CS Dinamo Polo Bucharest team took part. With ONE's help, the team had the opportunity to measure its strength against other teams of the same level and experience the emotions of a game away from home.

In addition, One United Properties will support the children in the TOMO tournament, which will take place from April 10-15 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This international competition will bring together 40 children, aged 12-14, from the CS Dinamo Polo Bucharest team, who will have the opportunity to measure their talent and skills against young athletes from other countries. Furthermore, following their performance from previous years at this competition, two of the children now play for the world's best polo team, CN Barcelona.