One United Properties supported Save the Children initiatives this year as well and got involved in the projects of one of the largest independent organizations for the protection of children's rights.

This year's edition of the traditional Christmas Trees Festival took place on December 9, at the National Art Museum of Romania. The event advocated for the access to education of vulnerable children, both for socio-economic reasons and because of the war, which has already displaced millions of children from Ukraine, forced to take refuge in neighbouring countries, including Romania.

During the event supported by One United Properties, Christmas trees made by various designers were auctioned off in order to help the children who are in need. Among them was the tree made by Lemon Interior Design and SummerWell: They Are Us / I am you and they are us. This concept tree is about the transposition of a conscious way of life, where originality, durability, and quality intertwine impeccably with the desire to make a significant impact in the lives of as many people as possible. With a minimalist twist, the unusual look recalls the unique and different identity of each of us.

The whole event was under the sign of the desire to contribute to the happiness of children, who often face situations in which they need the help of all of us. Under the meaning of the word "together", the business environment joined forces to preserve the magic of Christmas all year round.