We believe one good action can lead to another. Our company has joined forces in supporting the medical system in fighting CO-VID 19.

One United Properties is helping the ones fighting in the first line by donating EUR 100.000.

"We believe in responsibility, solidarity, and immediate action. 22 ventilators and 1.500 rapid CO-VID tests were purchased in order to provide hospitals in Bucharest acting in the first line the necessary tools in these difficult times. This is only the beginning of our company's involvement, as we believe we're in this together, and together we are stronger",

Beatrice Dumitrașcu, VP Residential Sales One United Properties, declared.

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We thank all the business colleagues who have decided to join One’s initiative in supporting the Romanian medical system. Our thanks go to:

  • Mr. Ovidiu Sandor from Isho Timisoara;

  • Mr. David Azzato, IT & Real Estate investor, for the donation of EUR 150,000 euros for tests and special equipment;

  • Mr. Răzvan Munteanu, Global Records;

  • Mrs. Delia Munteanu, artist;

  • Mr. Codin Maticiuc, actor;

  • Mr. Bogdan Enoiu, entrepreneur;

  • Mrs. Monica and Mr. Cristi Pop, entrepreneurs.

We thank the press colleagues for covering the subject: