Victor Căpitanu for Ziarul Financiar: ”We raised money to invest in the office building portfolio”

One United Properties real estate developer, one of the largest in Bucharest, sold to a group of Romanian investors 8% of the shares for 22.7 million euros, thus valuing the group owned by Victor Căpitanu and Andrei Diaconescu at 270 million euros.

”It was a transaction that started in 2018 and was completed now, in 2019. One United Properties was valued at € 270 million euros, of which € 250 million was the initial value, plus € 20 million new capital”,

said Victor Căpitanu for Ziarul Financiar.

”We raised money (equity) to invest in our office building portfolio, the more equity you have, the better you have access to bank finance, the two do not exclude each other, on the contrary, they’re getting stronger together. Therefore we will continue to work with banks as well, as we did so far”,

Victor Căpitanu added.

One United Properties has previously sold 8% of the shares in 2017 when the group was valued at € 123 million.

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