Nowadays, when our daily “to do” list seems to never end, One United Properties releases a useful application destined to their clients in order for them to manage their own monthly payments. One United Smart Home is a unique mobile application on the Romanian market that can be used only by the residents of One United Properties residential compounds.

The application offers a simple and secure method for administrative payments, such as monthly utilities, as well as transparent list of current sold and useful contacts. Besides, One United Smart Home App also provides a direct and quick communication method with the administrator of each residential complex.

“One United Smart Home is the only application destined for utilities payments offered by a real estate developer, a bold project for which we teamed with One United Properties. The application is extremely useful and easy to use: the user will be notified on payment amounts or dates and will be able to stay in touch with the administrator in the residential complex. To put it briefly, once you register a bank account, you can make all administrative payments for your home. In the near future we intend to upgrade the application and offer its users a real-time utilities measurement, as well as the remote control of doors, other access entries and of home temperature for each room.”

Emilian Bouroș,
CEO PulsarWorks, developer of One United Smart Home App.

“We came up with the concept for this app because we want to offer our clients a modern and updated method for their administrative needs. One United Smart Home App is a unique product and it perfectly integrates our brand philosophy regarding top services for our clients. We wish to keep being trendsetters and offer really useful services on all modern real estate levels. We also plan to upgrade this app, so that in the future One United Smart Home v 2.0 will be used for remote control of the house temperature (both warming and cooling) or access in the complex using Bluetooth (entry card won’t be required anymore).”

Beatrice Dumitrașcu,
Sales Manager One United Properties.

One United Properties established itself as a settled real estate brand, with local and international acknowledgements, focused on using high end and top quality materials and always preoccupied with environment. One United Properties now offers its clients new services that meet their needs for comfort, efficiency and safety.