Sacha Bueso-Inchausti:

“It was interesting to adapt the architectural concepts of the Spanish society to a society in transition such as Romania”.

The project includes 33 housing units which are distributed in two buildings located in Charles de Gaulle square, in the exclusive neighbourhood of Primaverii; it has been commissioned by the famous Romanian developer One United Properties.

The architecture project of the Madrid-based studio stands out for the various volumes that play with each other on its façade, highlighted by carefully sculptured shapes, while meeting the demanding need to adapt to the local materials used for the façade.

Thanks to the firm’s experience in previous works developed in Bucharest, the Spanish architects were able to develop the required sensitivity and adapt their functional and spatial concept of residential use to the Romanian style.

Both new housing buildings are located in the northern part of the city of Bucharest, in an architecturally eclectic, residential area adjacent to the famous Herastrau park and various business centres of the city. This is where the Bueso-Inchausti & Rein Architects firm, with its ten years of experience in projects of different nature in Bucharest, has been commissioned by the leading developer in the luxury sector in Romania, One United Properties, to carry out an architecture project which special emphasis on the distribution of the housing units and the façades of both buildings, which will be emblematic in the city of Bucharest.

The project consists in transferring to Bucharest the firm’s experience in residential projects, whereby it proved extremely interesting to adapt the architectural typologies of the Spanish society to a society in transition such a Romania, which is used to housing programs that are very different in terms of units, size and interrelation.

The project is in an advanced phase of construction and its completion is scheduled for next summer.

The Bueso-Inchausti & Rein Architects firm started working in Bucharest in 2005 as an architectural adviser. It then carried out an ambitious housing project in the inner city which, over time, has become an architectural reference in the Romanian market, the Alia Averescu building, and received the Europe Property´s 2010 Award. The licensing procedure of this project brought the firm into contact with the city council and, little by little, it started being involved in the redevelopment project of one of the squares in the historical area, Universitatti square. From there until today, the firm has designed and carried out half a dozen housing and office projects and has now a small permanent structure in Romania. At this stage, the firm is carrying out several projects in Bucharest: the headquarters of Aaylex Group, the towers and building in Floreasca, housing units in Dante Alighieri, housing units in Delavrancea and the Buzesti office building, located on the outskirts of the city.

The firm is currently receiving assignments from Romanian local developers.