Building quality is no longer enough when it comes to highly populated cities. Similarly, solutions that help residents spend less time in traffic are becoming increasingly important, and real estate developments must offer as many amenities as possible in this regard.

Andrei Diaconescu, co-founder of One United Properties, explained to Antena 3 CNN why green practices and densification will help achieve sustainable urban development.

Mixed-use developments, which offer both housing and office space, commercial areas, sports facilities, and educational units in the same complex, successfully respond to people's needs to spend less time in traffic, to frequently give up the use of cars in the city, and to quickly reach all necessary daily services. In addition to shops, cafes, restaurants, and gyms, the developer is also investing in schools, as is the case with the two units planned in Sector 2 of Bucharest - one in the Plumbuita Lake area and the other in the Fabrica de Glucoza area.

The first educational unit will be located within One Lake District development, while the second school will be situated between One Lake Club and One High District developments. The investment for building the two privately-run educational units amounts to approximately 6 million euros. Andrei Diaconescu stated that future One United Properties developments will also include schools in their projects.

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