The necessary measures taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic had negative consequences for children, both on their educational progress and on their emotional health.

According to the “Impact of Covid-19 on children in Romania” survey launched by Save the Children Romania, almost half of children do not have access to a tablet or computer, the only devices that can allow real participation in online classes, and over 50% say that one of the major risks of this period was internet addiction and, as such, exposure to aggressive content and fake news.

Together with our yearly partner Save the Children, we believe education should be accessible to every child. Along with many other schools from disadvantaged backgrounds in the country, children from the school in Cobadin, Constanța County, who did not participate at all in classes because of lack of devices, received tablets through Save the Children Romania, so that they can stay connected to education. A collective commitment is needed, with the support of everyone, from companies and institutions to schools and families to ensure every child’s right to access online education.