The restoration of a historic building entails a series of challenges for the teams involved, who have the difficult task of protecting the original elements, bringing them to light, restoring their brilliance, and integrating modern techniques into the structure.

The first historic acquisition made by One United Properties is the well-known Braikoff House, currently undergoing restoration. Once this process is completed, it will be named One Athénée and will rejuvenate the entire area around the Athenaeum, a place rich in history and constantly capturing the attention of tourists and locals alike.

A TV team went to the construction site to talk to the professionals involved in the restoration of the building.

”The challenge is unique for each historic object. Why? Because you never know what to expect. The columns, all these elements will be preserved. Inside, the doors, everything will be preserved”,

said Dan Şerban, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Architect.

Radu Neacșu, the Project Director at One United Properties, added:

”Each architectural element is treated differently. Together with the team of architects and experts in historic monuments, we meet, analyse, and create the restoration program. We are in this room, looking at this painting, this artistic component, imagining that above it, we will have to come up with a new concrete floor. A real challenge is to create this concrete floor with the painting in place, which is why the entire team is focused on the technology in this room, and we will implement very interesting solutions with metal structures and protections so as not to affect the painting.”

Urban regeneration through the restoration of historical buildings is part of the long-term vision of One United Properties, as explained by Mihai Păduroiu, CEO Office Division One United Properties:

”Our main objective in our company is to focus on design, architecture, and we have a range of disciplines within the company. We want to bring this architectural value to the forefront of all Bucharest residents. Through this restoration, undoubtedly, the entire area will return to the beauty it had when both the Braikoff Palace and the Romanian Athenaeum were built.”