One United Properties believes in the young generation of talented designers and architects and supported a major European competition that awarded some of the best architecture diploma projects: The European Architectural Medal for Best Diploma Project (EAM_BDP2017).

The competition was organized by The University of Architecture Ion Mincu in Bucharest (UAUIM), European Association of Architectural Education (EAAE) and Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) with One United Properties’ support of 155 diploma projects developed during the 2016-2017 academic year in 86 universities from 27 European countries were registered in the contest. From these, 30 projects entered the short list and 8 of them were awarded.

Prof. Dr. Arh. Emil Barbu Popescu, President of Honor at The University of Architecture Ion Mincu in Bucharest:

“Our purpose is to acknowledge the quality of the best architecture diploma project in European universities.”

Conf. Dr. Arh. Françoise Pamfil, EAM_BDP2017 Manager:

“EAM_BDP is a portfolio competition whose value relies in the professional acknowledgement of the diploma project winner. The recognition comes from the most relevant and important architecture institutions - EAAE and ACE and UAIM as well, a university with excellent results in the European academic field. We award the project that shows how architecture may bring forth a social issue, or raise a question, or signal a necessity because after all a diploma project is in its essence an emerging idea depositary.”

One United Properties has always supported the development of special projects at The University of Architecture Ion Mincu in Bucharest and at the end of 2017 chose to be part of the competition awarding the best European diploma project held for the third time.

Beatrice Dumitrașcu, Sales Manager la One United Properties:

“The fact that we were part of such an important international competition for best architecture diploma projects was really exciting. We wish to encourage all the unique, creative and visionary projects and award the bold and excellent ones.”

The registration was open for one year and the final part was held at The University of Architecture Ion Mincu in Bucharest between 23rd – 24th of November. The jury members of the EAM-BDP were 5 persons, three representatives of the organizers and two representatives of the architectural profession. This international competition allows each university to enter its 2 best diploma projects of that year. 30 of the 2017 competition projects were exhibited at The University of Architecture Ion Mincu in Bucharest . This exhibition will travel across the finalist European universities.

The European Architectural Medal For Best Diploma Project
Negotiating the edge
Awarded to Andreas Prokopiou from: University of Nicosia, Department of Architecture, Cyprus
Tutors: Maria Hadjisoteriou, Angela Petrou, Yiorgos Hadjichristou, Markella Menikou