The winter issue of ELLE Decoration magazine focuses on dream furnishings and contemporary inspiring design ideas, for a stylish and modern lifestyle. One such example is the One Verdi Park development, presented in this issue.

Located close to Verdi Park, in the northern area of the city, in the Floreasca district, the novelty of One Verdi Park puts into operation an interconnected, mixed-use, and residential complex.

A landmark on the real estate market, the contemporary architectural concept is signed by X Architecture & Engineering Consult. With two residential towers connected by a sky garden rising above a retail platform, One Verdi Park offers residents a truly high lifestyle, through the quality of technologies and the unique design, as well as the spectacular views. Bucharest seen from above – like a city above the city, must aspire to more than a transitory culinary pleasure, and living in One Verdi Park confirms it.

Fragmentary in its evolution, the urban space in Bucharest was frequently subjected - or limited, to successive clichés from historicization as an identity model, traditional figuration to politicized monumentalism. Through One Verdi nodal location, the hitherto marginalization of the post-industrial territory of the area is radically transformed. What used to be a kind of "last Bucharest" becomes, thanks to the energy of One's development, an address that is both informed and generates urban innovation - ELLE Decoration also points out.