The co-founder of One United Properties accepted Cristian Hoștiuc's invitation to be the guest of "Your life is a business" show from Aleph News. Victor Căpitanu openly spoke about his career, passion, and vision, and the lessons he learned over the years as well.

The discussion with Victor Căpitanu is a rare portrait of the entrepreneur who remembers his childhood and adolescence, about the years when he was an Olympian in mathematics, about the enthusiasm of the first business ideas.

"Education is very important for me, I have three children and my focus for them is education. The only thing no one can take away from you in life is education. Money, companies, you make them, you lose them, but nobody can take your education away. Mathematical education, rational thinking, the method in which you learn to make decisions is very important for me",

Victor Căpitanu declared to Aleph News.

An exercise that the co-founder of One United Properties has put into practice over time, and which has helped him build an inspirational story in entrepreneurship.

"The rise of One United Properties depended a lot on our discipline, we worked hard, we did the calculations very well and so we decided to enter the market at a time when people were scared of the residential industry and were reluctant to invest in it. Doing the calculations correctly, we realized that the opportunity is huge, even if the market feels the opposite. And it turned out to be true",

Victor Căpitanu also said.

Why does the co-founder of One United Properties have no wage, when did he have his first loss in business and why would he have chosen to start a tech company if he had not entered real estate? All are answered in the interview.