Victor Căpitanu, co-founder of One United Properties, accepted the invitation of to participate in the CEO Corner and talk about his student years, his first business ideas and how he chose the path of entrepreneurship.

A passionate about mathematics from an early age, he chose to study at ASE and during his university years had the opportunity to access an internship in the banking field. That's how he met Andrei Diaconescu, with whom he started investing and, years later, founding One United Properties.

The partnership with Andrei Diaconescu proved to be a useful one for the two young entrepreneurs who were making their place in the real estate market, because it gave them courage and confidence to act, as two minds are always better than one.

"It simply came to our notice then. I knew that two minds could see the risks better. I've always said that if one of us sees things that aren't so appropriate, we better not do it. We used our partnership to think with two minds instead of one. We also trusted each other, a trust that has been built over time and that is essential in business”, said the CEO of One United Properties. The entrepreneur remembers that after starting his professional career, he realized that he would rather have his own business than work for someone else."

How was One United Properties founded? In 2006, Capital Partners was already making the first serious money, at which point the first thought came to them that they should also become developers. One United Properties co-founder remembers how the 2008 crisis was an opportunity for them, even though most people thought investing was a bad idea. He remembers how One United Properties bought land with a very good location in Bucharest because they bought it where others did not have the courage or availability to do so, fearing to invest.

"We have realized that we can no longer just build apartments to sell. When we started to move towards these mixed projects, as we did in Floreasca, in Cotroceni, One High District, One Lake District, we radically changed the profile of the company",

Victor Căpitanu also explained.

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