Victor Căpitanu, co-founder and co-CEO of One United Properties, has been recognized among the "100 Most Admired CEOs" by Business Magazin.

The publication annually compiles a list of the most admired CEOs who have showcased exceptional leadership skills, innovation, and success within their respective industries. Being featured on this list is evidence of the ability of these persons to navigate business challenges, drive development, and inspire both their own teams and the entire industry.

With a rich background in finance and a keen eye for seizing opportunities within the real estate sector, Victor Căpitanu has played a pivotal role in the success of the company he co-founded with Andrei Diaconescu. His strategic vision and commitment to sustainable development have not only ensured One United Properties' success but have also contributed to a positive transformation of the real estate landscape.

20231207 - Victor Căpitanu on Business Magazin 100 most admired CEOs list

Victor Căpitanu's inclusion in the "100 Most Admired CEOs" list is an acknowledgement of his exceptional leadership and the remarkable evolution of the company. Through its dedication to sustainability and innovation, the company sets a high standard for the industry.