In a recent interview for Romania Insider, Victor Căpitanu discussed the business achievements of One United Properties over the last year, in a challenging general context, but also about the prospects of the local investment environment, as well as the attractiveness of the Bucharest market.

“One United Properties' strategy for 2023 and beyond will continue to focus on the capital city of Bucharest, which has a higher GDP per capita than cities such as Vienna or Berlin and ranks among the top 10 largest cities in the European Union. Additionally, the average price for residential acquisitions in Bucharest is still significantly lower than in other important cities across the CEE region, presenting an opportunity for foreign investors to enter the market or for local homebuyers to upgrade their housing”,

Victor Căpitanu explains.

One United Properties will increase its investments in Bucharest by 15% this year, to meet the increasing demand for new and sustainable apartments in good locations.

One United Properties’ cofounder thinks inflation may push people to invest their money rather than keep the cash in bank accounts fuelling the demand for apartments and for property in general. As for the urbanism issues in Bucharest, these don’t affect the company’s plans, as it has secured permits for over 5,000 apartments and has a solid landbank for future developments.

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