Continuing to evolve and firm up the neighborhood, One Floreasca Vista will be a high-end residential development with a beautiful panoramic view over Floreasca Lake.

One Floreasca Vista is an exclusive boutique residence developing on the edge of Floreasca Lake.

The development is designed as a contemporary small residential complex, offering a unique selection of stylish apartments. With an original and elegant architecture, One Floreasca Vista will offer a diverse range of apartments and a limited collection of penthouses with spectacular views over Floreasca Lake, in a quiet and exclusive area.

This boutique property boasts a unique elegance because of the iconic blend of classical and contemporary architecture. Residents will be warmly welcomed into a sumptuous lobby, designed by Lemon Interior Design, representing just a taster of what to expect from the apartments. Apartments will provide occupants with a sense of exclusivity, as each property will be unique and innovatively designed.

Similar to every building developed by One United Properties, this new structure will also integrate an energetically efficient plan, with Green Certificate and minimal impact on the environment.

One Floreasca Vista is the choice of brilliantly designed homes that respond to all individual needs and desires.

About the neighbourhood

Herastrau Area benefits of an extremely easy access to all means of transportation, gathering all the important points of interest in the city, being also one of the most exclusive areas in the north part of Bucharest, surrounded by Herastrau Park and Lake.