Romania Green Building Council letter of recognition for the contribution of One United Properties to a quality and green standard that far exceeds the local real estate industry approach.

Bellow, the Romania Green Building Council Letter of Recognition:

28 August 2017

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to recognize the contributions to our organization’s mission in Romania by real estate investors One United Properties. The company has committed to building projects to a quality and green standard that far exceeds the local industry approach.

Currently, all of One United Properties’ residential building projects are being constructed to meet or exceed the Romania Green Building Council’s challenging “Green Homes” certification requirements for environmental performance. This includes the One Herastrau Park, One Herastrau Plaza, and One Charles de Gaulle and will include the future projects in the portfolio of the company.

Our “Green Homes” standard ensures that certified homes will deliver superior energy performance, improved occupant health through eliminating toxic materials, better lighting and air quality, reduced production of construction waste, and use materials that do not harm our local or global ecosystems. Furthermore, the homes are located within walkable communities, providing all essential amenities nearby, to allow for exercise and reduce reliance on fossil fuel and reduce automobile traffic.

The leadership exhibited by One United Properties has been and will be a powerful force in encouraging a positive direction of the environmental performance for the local construction and real estate industries. We commend with great appreciation their actions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or needed clarifications.


Steven Borncamp
Founding President & Adviser
Romania Green Building Council


Monica Ardeleanu Ph.D. Executive Director
Romania Green Building Council

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